7 Scary Places to DIE For!
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7 Scary Places to DIE For!

Where do Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, and Mike Myers go to get fright inspiration? Ohio’s haunted houses, of course! Even the Amityville home received decorating tips from these spooky Ohio destinations!

1. Hudson Haunted House – Hudson

My first haunted house experience. All I can remember was monsters coming from every corner to horrify me. It’s still as scary as the first day I stepped inside those dark halls. The Hudson Haunted House sends blood racing through your veins.

2. Nightmare on Valley Street – Dayton

All the fear factors are in place, gore, terrifying scenes, creepiness and utter dread for this 30-minute walkthrough. From demons to the demented – there is no escape. Bring an extra pair of underwear. You’re going to need them.

3. Factory of Terror – Canton

Over 20,000 visitors a year experience the Guinness record-holding attraction for the longest walkthrough house of horrors. The Factory of Terror is in an old aluminum foundry in Canton that takes almost an hour to get through….if you dare!

4. Punderson Manor State Park Lodge – Newbury

If you’re looking for real ghost haunt, visit the Punderson Manor State Park Lodge. Ghosts have been sighted roaming the halls for decades by visitors and staff!

5. Dead Acres Haunted Hoochie – Columbus

Hands-down the scariest haunted adventure I’ve experienced in Ohio. They use every avenue to send terror to the core of your being. If you survive the haunting adventure, you won’t be able to stop talking about it.

6. Dent Schoolhouse – Cincinnati

It’s like reliving a horror movie. Imagine your greatest fears personified, realized, actualized and then sliced up into pieces in front of your face, blood, guts and all. Enjoy yourself. It may be the last thing you’ll ever see!

7. Hallow Weekends at Cedar Point – Sandusky

If you want to experience a nightmare while you are still awake, head to Cedar Point. If roller coasters are not enough to scare you, then maybe Terror Island and Eternity Infirmary will do the job.

What scary Ohio spots send shivers down your spine?

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