Come Blog with Us!
By TourismOhio

Come Blog with Us!

Do you like to travel? Do you like to write? Are you savvy with social media? We have a great opportunity for you to join us in telling the world about how great a place Ohio is to travel!

We’re looking for 10 subject matter expert-bloggers, who can share their own experiences with consumers with the goal of bringing more travelers to Ohio. We know that blogging is time intensive and that great writing should be rewarded, so the pay rate for this opportunity is $100 a
post, 10 posts per year for a total of $1,000 a year.

Sound good?

Here are the Subjects for which we’re looking for Expert

Family Travel


Outdoor Adventure

Festivals and Events


The Arts


The Amish


Lake Erie

What the Job Entails:

We’re looking for approximately 10 blog posts from you per year for
The Ohio Tourism Division team and you will collaborate to come up with topics for these posts within your designated subject area. We’ll collaborate on deadlines for each post, too. You will need to keep up with deadlines – there aren’t a lot of us on staff at the Tourism Division, so we really need your content on-time to get the most out of our blog. In other words, if you miss deadlines, we won’t be giving you another assignment.

Each post should be around 300-400 words and should include at least one photo taken by you, preferably with people in the shot. If you can take video, that’s also excellent. You must have actually experienced the topic you’re writing about – authenticity is our top priority. We want the posts to be your personal story – you’re allowed to have a sense of humor, and we want you to use your own voice. You shouldn’t be promotional – this should be your
authentic account and recommendations as a traveler.

We’ll invite you to create a TypePad account if you don’t have one already, and you will upload your posts directly and save them as previews. You’ll then notify us, and we’ll edit them, and we may give you feedback and ask for revisions. Once we’ve got a final post, we’ll publish it to on a pre-arranged schedule. We’ll let you know right away when it goes up, and we’ll ask you to Tweet and Facebook the link out to your own social networks, and also notify via email and/or social media the destinations/restaurants/attractions you cover in your post.

You’ll receive a check after each article is published for $100 from our advertising agency, Ron Foth Advertising.

Things to Include in Your Application:

A link to your blog(s)

The URLs for three blog posts relevant to the subjects you’re interested in covering for us

The topics you’re most interested in covering for us (up to three)

Your Twitter handle and a link to your Facebook account

Your phone number and email address

Send all this to Pat Barker, Assistant State Tourism Director, at

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