About Generations of Art: The Sunami Family

Generations of Art: The Sunami Family November 30 - January 5, 2019Opening Reception: Friday, November 30 | 6-9 pmThe Cultural Arts Center, in collaboration with the Columbus Symphony and the Columbus Modern Dance Company, is proud to present "Generations of Art: The Sunami Family," an exploration of identity, connection and creative expression spanning the work of four generations of artists in a single, Columbus-based family.The art exhibition, on view November 30 - January 5, 2019, will include the following artists: -Soichi Sunami -John Sunami -Jennifer Sunami -Christopher Sunami -April Sunami -River Sunami At the opening reception, CoMo Dance is honored to perform a rare, licensed reconstruction of one of Martha Graham's early dances, "Heretic," the subject of one of Soichi's photographs on display. CoMo has had the privilege of working with former principle dancer of the Martha Graham company, Miki Orihara, as she acted as regisseur for teaching the work. CoMo will be staging "Heretic" in specific detail true of the history of the piece, including wearing the costumes designed by Martha Graham herself. The performance will be played live by a pianist from the Columbus Symphony.Other highlights of the evening include tableaux vivants by CoMo Dance and the premiere of six original pieces of music, by Chris Sunami, performed by a Columbus Symphony ensemble.For more details, visit: https://bit.ly/2Ru8zlQImage: Soichi Sunami, Heretic

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