The Decorative Arts Center of Ohio features the riveting artwork of Nelly?Toll, a childhood survivor of the Holocaust. Imagining a Better World: The Artwork of Nelly?Toll?features 40 digital reproductions of the childhood artwork of Nelly?Toll. Given a watercolor set by her mother, while hiding, Nelly painted small pictures of what she imagined a normal life would resemble.? In addition to the digital reproductions of drawings created as a child, the exhibition will also showcase current contemporary paintings created by Nelly. ?? After World War ll,?Toll?immigrated to the United States. She pursued formal art training and received a master’s degree in art and art history and education. She attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia and received a Ph.D., from the University of Pennsylvania.? Dr.?Toll?speaks across the country making contemporary connections between the Holocaust and the dangers of bullying.

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