AD-RACK Named Brochure Distribution Partner

We’re aware that you’re planning your budgets for 2018 and are pleased to announce that AD-RACK was recently selected through a competitive bidding process as our brochure distribution partner.

Brochure distribution is an efficient and effective way to promote your destination or attraction.  Ohio’s TICs are open 7 days a week/24 hours a day/365 days a year- making your message accessible to all. 

Below are the brochure distribution rates as well as a list of TICs. You’ll notice the following new options which are now available to you: 

  • TIC # 13 Wayne County I-71 Northbound
  • TIC # 14 Wayne County I-71 Southbound
  • TIC # 15 Licking County I-70 Westbound


# of TICsAnnual Rate Brochures (12 month contract)Annual Rate Digest/Magazine (12 month contract)Seasonal Rate Brochures (4 month minimum)Seasonal Rate Digest/Magazine (4 month minimum)
1-4$18/month/per TIC$25/month/per TIC$28/month/per TIC$39/month/per TIC
5-9$15/month/per TIC$21/month/per TIC$25/month/per TIC$35/month/per TIC
10 or more$12/month/per TIC$17/month/per TIC$22/month/per TIC$31/month/per TIC
ALL$1725 TOTAL$2445 TOTAL$1050 for 4 months$1475 for 4 months



TIC # 1 Ashtabula County I-90 WestboundTIC # 9 Washington County I-77 Northbound
TIC # 2 Belmont County I-70 WestboundTIC # 10 Wood County I-75 Northbound
TIC # 3 Butler County I-75 NorthboundTIC # 11 Wood County I-75 Southbound
TIC # 4 Butler County I-75 SouthboundTIC # 12 Trumbull County I-80 Westbound (Currently Closed)
TIC # 5 Preble County I-70 EastboundTIC # 13 Wayne County I-71 Northbound
TIC # 6 Scioto County US 23TIC # 14 Wayne County I-71 Southbound
TIC # 7 Warren County I-71 NorthboundTIC # 15 Licking County I-70 Westbound
TIC # 8 Warren County I-71 SouthboundTIC # 16 Licking County I-70 Eastbound (Possible Future Availability)


Posted On: November 17, 2017