Consider being part of the exciting process of developing visual assets for Ohio!

As you know, just three months ago we hired a new marketing agency to assist with developing the brand for Ohio, and we’re excited about the direction we’re headed!  As you’ve heard us say, our brand will convey emotion, how it feels to experience Ohio.  As we execute initial creative, such as a brand video or print material, we need your help!  If you have photos or videos of your authentic Ohio experience that captures and conveys emotion that you’d be willing to let us consider using, we’d love to have them! 

The following images are illustrative of the emotion we may convey—the joy, happiness, feeling of freedom and meaning of the moment these individuals are sharing!


hoto Requirements: hi-res (at least 300 dpi), jpgs or tiffs

When submitting photos or video you must include the following:

  1. Location
  2. Attraction/destination of the photo

These must be photos or videos that you own or have permission to use and, in turn, are granting TourismOhio permission to use.

Please send any photos or videos for consideration to TourismOhio. 

Send via email (no more than 25 MB) or Dropbox link.

Posted On: July 9, 2015