Do You Really Read BuckeyeLine?

I know it is odd asking you that as you “read” BuckeyeLine, but we are working to best communicate with you and that means taking a fresh look at the industry newsletter. Thank you to those who have already taken the time to fill out the survey. If you haven’t had a chance yet, please take a few moments to let us know your thoughts. The deadline to provide feedback is January 12, 2015. Help us help you!

Here is some of the preliminary feedback we have received so far:

  • Most industry partners read Buckeyeline every month (about 87%).
  • A little more than half agree that Buckeyeline is helpful (about 57%). 
  • The majority of partners would like to receive updates from TourismOhio monthly (about 77%).
  • The most read section of BuckeyeLine is the “Message from Mary” (important deadlines, features, and updates also scored high). The least read section is “Where in the World”.
  • Most people read Buckeyeline to stay updated on TourismOhio and get information on deadlines.
  • The most mentioned items that people get from Buckeyeline: deadlines, trends, updates and co-op info.
Posted On: January 8, 2015