Fall/Winter Calendar Listings and Advertising Opportunities

Verify Listing Information

If you submitted a listing for the 2015 Fall/Winter Calendar of Events, please be aware that the publisher, Great Lakes Publishing will contact you via e-mail asking you to verify the accuracy of your listing. If the publisher does not receive a response, the listing cannot be considered for publication.


For questions regarding listings in the Buckeye Database, please contact Joe Giessler, (614)466-3734 or joe.giessler@development.ohio.gov.


We’re also looking for photos of your event to be considered for the printed calendar. The best are photos that show happy, smiling people enjoying their experience. We love action shots that aren’t blurry. Please visit www.glpublishing.com/imagelibrary for more information and to submit images.


If you’re interested in advertising opportunities in the Calendar, please contact your advertising representative or Jessica Greathouse, Great Lakes Publishing, (614) 659-9631 or jgreathouse@ohiomagazine.com.The ad close date is May 19.

Posted On: May 13, 2015