Increased Visibility for Ohio. Find It Here.

At TourismOhio we will increase visibility of Ohio. Find It Here. in 2018 by expanding into Indianapolis, adding more time on TV, and working with our partners to promote their experiences with #OhioFindItHere. 

In 2016 we launched the brand, in 2017 we established the brand, and this year we’re growing the brand. At the February 8 Tourism Ohio Advisory board meeting, the board looked at major cities that could easily travel to Ohio, already have an interest in our state and our partners, and where marketing costs allowed our available funds to create an effective awareness of Ohio. Find It Here. All signs pointed toward Indianapolis. 

When Ohio. Find It Here. commercials start on the airwaves on March 26 they will be in Ohio, Detroit, Pittsburgh, and for the first time, in Indianapolis. This a great chance to create a positive image and emotional connection to Ohio in a market with 2 million people. We will also be increasing our TV time to drive even more people to where they can plan their trip using resources from thousands of our partners, the tourism businesses in Ohio.

As our partners, you can help us inspire new visitors updating your event and listing information on and by making sure you are presenting the Ohio. Find It Here. logo on the partner area of your website. You can download our logo here or receive it by emailing us here.

As more people see our brand and experience an emotional connection with our marketing, they will continue to develop a positive image of Ohio that will help all of us generate more visits in our state.


Matthew MacLaren, Esq

Posted On: February 9, 2018