Ohio Brand Guidelines

We’re excited to share with you the new Ohio. Find It Here. Brand Guidelines. Along the way, you may have had the opportunity to learn of the new brand strategy and see the brand video as well as the new logo and tagline. As we launch the new brand via an integrated communications plan this spring, you’ll start to see the brand presented consistently with compelling, arresting photography and music, consistent use of particular type faces, a specific color palette and the new Ohio brand logo and tagline so that with time, the advertising becomes easily recognized.

Within the following document you’ll find the guidelines by which we will begin to consistently present the Ohio brand. You’ll find information about the target audiences we’ll be focusing on, how we portray the brand visually, even information about what we refer to as our “creative formula” for print and digital advertising. In our case, a headline that conveys the stated emotional benefit of the photo, arresting photography that causes one to turn their head to Ohio, authentication (identification) of the photo location and use of the new logo and tagline. 

You’ll also find guidelines for properly incorporating the new logo into your advertising such as how big the logo should be, the presentation of the logo that allows it to be most easily read and reminders not to distort the logo, all in the name of building recognition for the brand. You can find the logo by clicking on the following link About TourismOhio.

Thank you for your partnership and enthusiasm for the new Ohio brand! 


Posted On: February 12, 2016