Ohio Career Exploration Internship Program

Does your tourism destination need seasonal interns?  This program, offered through the Ohio Development Services Agency, could be a perfect fit for your business!

The Ohio Career Exploration Internship Program is a great opportunity for high school students interested in interning part time. The program allows students to gain the skills necessary for in-demand careers while gaining a variety of experiences in their chosen field. Internships should reflect the student’s long-term professional and career interests, encompassing numerous aspects of the industry in which the student is employed. For example, interns should gain experience in areas including but not limited to: marketing, accounting and business. 

Internship-CloudOhio tourism businesses hiring high school interns are eligible for reimbursement of wages for the intern’s salary. The intern must be employed for at least 20 weeks and 200 hours – perfect for seasonal employment! Once the internship is complete, businesses may be eligible for reimbursement of 50 percent of the intern’s wages, up to $5,000.

Businesses must be a sole proprietorship, for-profit, or pass-through entity in operation for longer than 12 months in the state of Ohio. Once the business has selected interns, the organization may begin the online application and submit intern goals to the Ohio Development Services Agency. Upon completion of the internship, businesses are eligible for reimbursement. Businesses are limited to three interns per calendar year.

To view the online application and more information, visit development.ohio.gov and search Ohio Career Exploration Internship Program or call (614) 466-4326.

Posted On: April 9, 2015