TourismOhio Funding Increased by $1.5 million

2018 is the year of increased visibility for the Ohio. Find It Here. brand and we are happy to share that TourismOhio is increasing our ad buy, allowing us to expand to more out-of-state markets including EVERY state bordering us! We are also partnering with the Ohio Department of Transportation to add more Ohio. Find It Here. welcome signs to our borders at all corners of the state.

The funding for these projects was approved by the Ohio Controlling Board on April 10 from funds that had been set aside for TourismOhio under the pilot funding model. Even after accessing these funds, we still have a rainy day fund as required by the pilot funding model. TourismOhio will be working with our advisory board and industry partners to determine the best market/s as we continue to increase the visibility of Ohio. Find It Here.

The additional funding secures that Ohio. Find It Here. will be a truly regional marketing campaign this year with our commercial and digital advertising in Ohio and EVERY state bordering us.

Posted On: April 18, 2018