Verify Your Ohio Travel Guide Listing

Be part of the 2017 Ohio Travel Guide! To have your free listing considered for inclusion in the annual Ohio Travel Guide (does not include event listings), please click here to verify your listing on the Listing & Events Database.

The Ohio Travel Guide is the state’s annual publication – 400,000 printed – for travel information. Due to space limitations, it is possible that not all listings submitted and approved will appear in the Ohio Travel Guide. However, all approved listings will be available on

Verify Listing Information

To verify your listing for the Ohio Travel Guide by Aug. 19, follow these steps:

  1. Log-on to your account >
  2. Select a non-event listing. Verify the information and make any changes needed. Then check the box with red bar. The bar will change to green. (see images 1 + 2) 

  1. Your listing is now verified.
  2. If you have any questions, or wish to confirm you have successfully verified your listing, please contact Joe Giessler, or 614-466-3734.


We’re also looking for photos to be considered for the Ohio Travel Guide. The best are images that show happy, smiling people enjoying their experience and action shots that aren’t blurry. For more information and to submit images, visit


If you’re interested in advertising opportunities in the Ohio Travel Guide, please contact your advertising representative or Rachel Kalafut at Great Lakes Publishing, 614-324-2594 or The ad close date is Nov. 1.


For questions regarding listings in the new Listing and Events Database, please contact Joe Giessler, 614-466-3734,

Posted On: August 10, 2016