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2015 Ohio Travel App, Guide, Events Calendar Now Available

Media Contacts: Tamera Brown, (614) 466-8591 Leslie Holbrook, (614) 383-1635 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE April 2, 2015 COLUMBUS, Ohio – With travel season quickly approaching, TourismOhio has introduced a new travel app, travel guide and calendar of events to

Apples, Pumpkins and Foliage: Ohio Celebrates the Arrival of Autumn

COLUMBUS, Ohio – From celebrating the fruit of the season to experiencing the vibrant fall foliage from around the state, Ohio visitors will find autumn events the entire family will enjoy. Following is a sampling of Ohio’s fall events and festivals t

Create Unforgettable Memories with Ohio’s Dazzling Light Displays

Media Contacts: Tamara Brown, (614) 466-8591    Leslie Holbrook, (614) 383-1635   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE November 24, 2015 COLUMBUS, Ohio – As holiday decorations go up and days seem to pass more quickly than ever, it’s the perfect time to enjo

Embrace Your Inner President in Ohio this Summer

COLUMBUS, Ohio – It’s no secret that all eyes are on the 2016 presidential race, and Ohio’s swing state status casts a spotlight on the destination every election year. While candidates campaign across the Buckeye State and delegates prepare for the

Find Four New Year’s Resolution Solutions in Ohio

COLUMBUS, Ohio – The annual anticipation of a new year sparks thoughts of fresh starts and a determined resolve to “make it happen” in 2016. The “it” in New Year’s resolutions varies for everyone. For some of us, it’s a focus on being more a

Find the Magic of Fall in Ohio at

COLUMBUS, Ohio (Sept. 8, 2017) – Fall is a distinctive season in Ohio with an identifiable color palette of reds, oranges and yellows; cooler temperatures; and aromas and tastes of autumn’s harvest from apples to pumpkins. It’s such a fun, vibrant f

Find Your Getaway with the 2016 Ohio Travel Guide

February 16, 2016                                                                         Contact: Tamara Brown, 614-466-8591 COLUMBUS, Ohio – The 2016 Ohio Travel Guide is now avai

Get the Scoop on Fall Travel from Ohio Autumn Adventures

Media Contacts: Tamara Brown, (614) 466-8591 Leslie Holbrook, (614) 383-1635 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE August 4, 2014 COLUMBUS, Ohio – The Office of TourismOhio, in partnership with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR), today launched “Autumn A

Have a “Spirited” October in Ohio

Media Contacts: Tamara Brown, (614) 466-8591 Leslie Holbrook, (614) 383-1635 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   October 7, 2015        COLUMBUS, Ohio – Prepare to be unnerved as October reveals a bounty of spooky experiences that will make your heart ra

Holiday Ideas for Friends and Families: Ohio. Find It Here

COLUMBUS, Ohio (Nov. 3, 2016) – From November through New Year’s, friends, family and visitors will stop to spend time in Ohio and celebrate the holidays together. Located within approximately 600 miles of about 60 percent of the U.S. population, Ohi

Ice Cream. Find It Here in Ohio!

COLUMBUS, Ohio (June 28, 2017) - What goes with cake at parties, cheers you up after a breakup, provides a destination for family bonding and makes the perfect end to a summer picnic? Ice cream, of course! Ice cream brings people together thr

Ideas for an Unforgettable Valentine’s Day in Ohio

Media Contacts: Tamara Brown, (614) 466-8591 COLUMBUS, Ohio – The pressure is on. Valentine’s Day is less than a month away, and there is someone in your life who deserves to know how much you love and appreciate them. There are still plenty of oppo

New & Noteworthy Experiences Await Ohio Visitors in 2015

Media Contacts: Tamara Brown, (614) 466-8591     Leslie Holbrook, (614) 383-1635 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE March 12, 2015   COLUMBUS, Ohio – From century-old experiences to the brand new, Ohio visitors will find plenty of opportunities to relax, recon

New Ohio Experiences Provide Excitement, Wonder and Relaxation in 2017

For Immediate Release                                                   Contact: Tamara Brown, 614-466-8591 New Ohio Experiences Provide Excitement, Wonder and Relaxatio

New Ohio Travel Guide Inspires Visitors to Find It Here.

With the holiday season behind us and schedules returning to normal, this is the time to plan your next Ohio getaway with family and friends. To inspire these travel plans, TourismOhio has launched the 2018 Ohio Travel Guide and the Official Ohio Trav

New Ohio. Find It Here. Travel Guide App Unlocks Inspiration Statewide

For Immediate Release                                                         Contact: Tamara Brown, 614.466.8591                                           

Ohio Fall Foliage on Schedule for a Spectacular Backdrop of Colors

Media Contacts: Jason Fallon, ODNR Office of Communications, 614-265-6860 Casey Burdick, ODNR Division of Forestry, 614-212-3286 Leslie Holbrook, Fahlgren Mortine, 614- 383-1635 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Sept. 19, 2014 COLUMBUS, Ohio – As the days grow sh

Ohio Tourism Industry Grows in 2016

COLUMBUS, Ohio – TourismOhio today released 2016 data documenting the seventh consecutive year of sustained growth within the state’s tourism industry, and highlighting its importance as an economic driver for the state. Direct visitor spending in 20

Plan Your Summer Getaways Around These Ohio Festivals!

For Immediate Release                                                    Contact: Tamara Brown, 614-466-8591 Plan Your Summer Getaways Around These Ohio Festivals! Oh

Ready, Set, Shine: Ohio Sparkles with Holiday Lights

It’s that time of year again when Ohio transforms from a vast sea of golden yellow and vibrant red to a dazzling winter wonderland. There’s no better way to take in the magic of the season than by enjoying holiday events with family and friends. From

Summer Festivals: Immerse Yourself in Ohio’s Culture

Media Contacts:  Tamara Brown, (614) 466-8591  Leslie Holbrook, (614) 383-1635  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  May 19, 2015  COLUMBUS, Ohio – From dancing an Irish jig to trying your hand at sumo wrestling, Ohio visitors will find plenty of opportunities

Tourism Visits to Ohio Reach New Highs

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                 May 7, 2015                  As part of National Tourism Week, TourismOhio today released

TourismOhio First: Advertising Ohio Fall Travel Season

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE For the first time, TourismOhio is advertising the state’s autumn experiences through the month of October. TourismOhio is running radio, digital, and cable ads throughout October to encourage visitors to explore Ohio’s Autumn Ad

TourismOhio Invites Indianapolis to Find It Here

TourismOhio announced today that this spring, for the first time, it will be promoting Ohio. Find It Here. to Indianapolis. “Ohio can offer Indianapolis world class roller coasters at Kings Island and Cedar Point; great events like the Dublin Irish F

TourismOhio Seeks Branding, Marketing Agency Partner(s)

Media Contacts: Tamara Brown, (614) 466-8591 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE COLUMBUS, Ohio – TourismOhio today posted a request for proposals (RFP) seeking an agency or agencies to help develop an Ohio tourism brand and market the state’s tourism experiences

TourismOhio Takes Next Step in Plan to Promote Ohio

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE March 18, 2015 COLUMBUS, Ohio – TourismOhio is moving forward with its strategic plan to promote Ohio tourism by selecting two Ohio-based marketing companies to create the brand architecture for the state, develop creative and buy

Trails, Festivals and Rails: Bicycling Through Ohio

Media Contacts: Tamara Brown, (614) 466-8591 Leslie Holbrook, (614) 383-1635 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE August 19, 2015 COLUMBUS, Ohio – One of the best ways to experience Ohio is with the wind in your hair and your feet on the pedals! Whether you’re looki

Visitors will Find More Thrills, Wonder, Happiness and Connection in Ohio this Year

Ohio’s diverse collection of distinctive visitor experiences will grow even larger in 2018! “Ohio is home to amazing visitor experiences, and we’re proud to kick off 2018 by sharing some of the newest offerings that will satisfy travelers’ thir

Wonder. Find It Here. at

For Immediate Release                                                 Contacts: Tamara Brown, 614-466-8591