For Immediate Release: February 18, 2018

TourismOhio Invites Indianapolis to Find It Here

TourismOhio announced today that this spring, for the first time, it will be promoting Ohio. Find It Here. to Indianapolis.

“Ohio can offer Indianapolis world class roller coasters at Kings Island and Cedar Point; great events like the Dublin Irish Festival; incredible experiences like the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force; craft breweries like those in Cincinnati’s Over-the-Rhine; and more,” said Matt MacLaren, director of TourismOhio.

Ohio. Find It Here. uses emotional connections to attract visitors to Ohio. When the campaign begins, the Indianapolis area will see Ohio. Find It Here. TV commercials, magazine features, digital articles, and social media advertisements that encourage Indianapolis area residents to take trips to Ohio and post their images with #OhioFindItHere so they may be used in future marketing by TourismOhio.

The addition of Indianapolis expands the current marketing strategy for Ohio. Find It Here. which targets Ohio, Detroit and Pittsburgh. TourismOhio and its advisory board chose the Indianapolis area as an additional market because it has more than two million people, is close to Ohio, and already has interest in Ohio.

“This is a great chance to create a positive image and emotional connection to Ohio in a market with two million people,” MacLaren said.

During its analysis of surrounding regional markets, TourismOhio learned that several Ohio cities and attractions have begun marketing in Indianapolis. Ohio. Find It Here. marketing will amplify the messaging of Ohio tourism industry partners that are already targeting the Indianapolis area with paid media.

Indiana was the number one state outside of Ohio ordering 2017 Ohio Travel Guides. Indianapolis also has the most searches of any major city outside of Detroit and Pittsburgh on

TourismOhio research shows that in 2016, tourism was a $43 billion industry that registered 212 million visits and supported 427,000 jobs.

About TourismOhio

TourismOhio, operating within the state of Ohio's Development Services Agency, works to ensure Ohio is positioned as a destination of choice, enriching lives through authentic travel experiences. The branding, Ohio. Find It Here., supports Ohio's $43 billion tourism industry. For more, visit

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Editor’s Note: Samples of Ohio. Find It Here. tourism print advertising can be downloaded here.