Miss Ohio’s Bike Tour, Part 2
By TourismOhio

Miss Ohio’s Bike Tour, Part 2

During the Miss Ohio Bike Tour, I’ll be stopping in 57 cities along the route. Attributes of the big cities, such as Columbus, Cincinnati, and Cleveland, are well-known in and outside of the state, but where I’ve found the most joy is learning about Ohio’s smaller communities.

For example, did you know the World’s Best Tasting Tap Water comes from Hamilton, Ohio?! I’m not kidding. Hamilton’s water was voted No. 1 in worldwide taste tests. So, when I passed through on the tour, I signed several bottles of the incredible water and  drank three bottles that day.

Circleville is home to the World’s Oldest Candy Store–Wittich’s. Established in 1840, Wittich’s is a family run business that sells handmade candy, fountain drinks from the old style soda machines and a chocolate milkshake that you wouldn’t believe! (I can truthfully say this because I never pass up the opportunity for ice cream!)

To my surprise, I have learned new things about Ohio’s big cities. When visiting Cincinnati, for example, keep an eye out for the artsy, whimsical pigs that grace the downtown and surrounding neighborhoods. Once known as the chief pork producer in the United States, Cincinnati has been dubbed “Porkopolis.” In a nod to the amusing moniker, residents and artists created nearly 400 fiberglass pigs and placed them throughout the community.

As I’m on this bike tour to raise money for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, I’ve learned there are dozens and dozens of bike trails throughout the state. Many of these trails are nicely shaded by trees and avoid a lot of the hills. Those are the best routes to take!

I’ll be back with more fun facts soon enough. But until then, follow me on the Miss Ohio Bike Tour website at www.missohiobiketour.com.

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