Natural Resources Park Adds Natural Beauty to Ohio State Fair
By Meg Berno

Natural Resources Park Adds Natural Beauty to Ohio State Fair

Often referred to as a diamond in the rough, the Ohio State Fair’s Natural Resources Park is a unique oasis that most fairgoers are surprised to find amidst the livestock and rides. The gorgeous eight-acre park is maintained by the Ohio De
partment of Natural Resources and is filled with native Ohio wildlife and outdoor entertainment.OSF.7.27.12-3117

One of the best things about the park is that all of the sights and activities come at no extra cost to visitors. Families can go kayaking or take the kids fishing. Children who are able to reel in a catch can even bring their fish home with them.

Fairgoers can also take a seat in the outdoor amphitheater and enjoy one of the several shows occurring each day. The Lumberjack Show offers a glimpse into the life of a lumberjack, including numerous demonstrations such as ax throwing, chainsaw carving and log rolling. A few lucky audience members can even try log rolling themselves.

On the weekends, Retriever Dogs in Action shows how retrieving dogs work with their handlers. Caution: be sure to sit a few rows back so you’re out of the splash zone. Columbus Zoo Animals also stop by on the weekends, allowing the audience to see critters from all over the world and visit with staff from the Columbus Zoo.

But these aren’t the only animals in Natural Resources Park. The park is home to beavers, bald eagles, a bobcat, a fox and more. Those strolling through can also visit the aviary or the butterfly house.

Last, but certainly not least, the park offers an educational experience to fairgoers, from a geological trip through Ohio’s history to information OSF.7.27.12-3105on other parks and wildlife across the state. And, of course, the beloved Smokey the Bear is there as well, teaching visitors how to prevent wildfires.

Be sure to stop by the Ohio State Fair and visit Natural Resources Park before you have to wait another year. Admission gates are open from 9 am – 10 pm, except on Aug. 5 when they will close at 8 pm. Gate admission for adults ages 13-59 is $10, $8 for youth ages 5-12, $8 for seniors ages 60 and over, and children under five receive free admission.   

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Meg Berno is a freelance writer and Marketing Coordinator with the Dublin Convention & Visitors Bureau. Meg graduated from Miami University with a degree in Strategic Communications. Outside of work, Meg enjoys photography, writing and finding new places to explore in Ohio.