Snow Days with the Cleveland Indians
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Snow Days with the Cleveland Indians

What do you do with a lonely, empty professional baseball field in the middle of winter? If you’re the Cleveland Indians, you turn it into a winter wonderland and fill it with 150 tons of snow!

Snow Days is a fun and family friendly winter event that features an eight-lane snow tubing hill, a winding ice skating track around the outfield, two ice skating rinks, an indoor Kidsland, warming areas, and more!

We had a chance to attend Snow Days last year with our then 5-year-old daughter and 4-year-old son.

When we arrived at Snow Days, we were excited to hear holiday music fill the air.

Our daughter is a thrill-seeker and as soon as she saw the Batterhorn snow tubing hill she asked if she could try it. Thankfully, the Batterhorn offers a kids lane, and as soon as she got settled in the center of the tube, off she went sliding down the hill. Our son followed soon after. They loved it and wanted to do it again and again.

Here’s a video of Logan and Kora on the kids Batterhorn. If you listen closely, you can hear Kora laughing all the way down!

Here’s a video of my husband’s ride down the adult portion of the Batterhorn.

As he climbed out of his tube, he was all smiles and ready to ride it again. Thanks to a 30-second delay, riders can watch themselves tubing down the hill on a big screen that also occasionally shows holiday movie clips on the other half. Very fun!

The Frozen Mile, which is the first symmetrical ice skating track in the U.S., looks like fun., but we ran out of time. Seeing all of the smiling faces and laughter coming from the skaters as they glided by us skating around the perimeter of the field, did entice us and it is on our to-do list for our next visit.

New attractions this year include indoor activities, which are a great idea, because being able to head inside to warm up would have allowed us to stay longer. Kidsland is also new and offers arts & crafts, holiday-themed activities, and visits from Santa Slider.

We really enjoyed Snow Days and can’t recommend it enough as a cure for winter’s cabin fever. Snow Days is only open until January 16, 2012, so don’t miss out on the fun–head to downtown Cleveland for a quick getaway.

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