The Silver Foxes’ Cincinnati Adventure
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The Silver Foxes’ Cincinnati Adventure

When my mother, Amy, (pictured left) told me that she was going to the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center in Cincinnati with her sisters (I call them the Silver Foxes), I told her to take a lot of pictures and give me a report when she returned.  Below is what she wrote.  Enjoy!

It’s not often when I can spend time with my sisters, LaRue, Annette and Carol, but when one came to visit from Georgia, we all decided to take a road trip to Cincinnati to visit the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center.

We left a day early to experience some other places in downtown Cincinnati before we headed to the Freedom Center.

We spent the first evening shopping at the indoor mall, Tower Place  on the Ohio River; then spent time on the outdoor benches looking at the awesome, historic bridges and the beautiful Ohio River.  Oh what stories it could tell.

The next morning, we arrived at the Freedom Center and parked in the Banks Parking Garage a half hour before opening time.  That gave us a chance to survey the bridges and the flowers in front of the museum.

Once inside the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center, we were impressed with the friendliness, patience and help from the employees and volunteers who easily recognized the confusion on our faces when we got turned around.  Four senior citizen sisters need all the help we can get, especially with directions.

To get the most out of our tour, we used  the informational iPodsprovided. The speaker was clear and concise, easy to hear and understand, and we could repeat the information at any time.

I asked each sister what they enjoyed most about the trip and museum, and each one had a different answer.  Of course the quilter in our group, LaRue, was fascinated by the huge colorful quilt titled “Crossing to Freedom” by Jane Burch Cochran. The quilt panels told stories of the struggle to leave the South and travel North.

Another sister, Annette, was impressed by the lifelike statues. Some were of slaves in chains and others of people we knew from history books. We also were surprised to learn of all the different races involved in helping slaves escape.

I was most impressed with the fourth floor genealogy room.  If you are thinking of visiting, get information and stories from the seniors in your family before going to the museum.

The last sister, Carol, had the most fun trying to find the car in the huge garage.  We had no idea where we parked!

We all enjoyed our Cincinnati adventure and look forward to our next road trip. Where should we go?

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