Walk Among The Treetops at Holden Arboretum
By Paola Santiago

Walk Among The Treetops at Holden Arboretum

Remember wanting to put the wind beneath your feet and soar the through the treetops as a kid? Or maybe climb among them high above to wave down at the rest of the world?

At Holden Arboretum adults and kids alike are encouraged to live those very fantasies. Considered to be one of the largest botanical gardens in the nation, Holden houses more than 3,600 acres of gardens and wooded area to be explored, touting over 9,400 different kinds of plants.

Gardens at Holden Arboretum
Gardens at Holden Arboretum

Highlights include garden displays like the Rhododendron, Lantern Court, and Lily Pond collections – grounds resplendent in a rainbow of saturated floral colors. And they’re never the same, always changing according to the season.

Still, a traveler’s heart will venture up – way above the heads of tulips and lilacs. Walk suspended bridges and trails as you discover native Ohio trees. You’ll never feel more like you’ve reached Neverland than when you look out at Lake Erie from between the tips of two conifer trees!

Take your pick, between the winding Canopy Trails that sit 65 feet above the forest floor, or perhaps the Kalberer Emergent Tower, a wooden beam built a whopping 125 feet into the sky. 

Bring comfortable shoes, an empty camera roll, and lots of water. You’ll want to take your time among the trees. After all, it’s a view you’ve been dreaming of since Peter Pan told you to believe.

For more adventure ideas, Find it Here at Ohio.org.

Kalberer Emergent Tower


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