3 Reasons to Visit the New National Veterans Memorial and Museum
By Theresa Russell

3 Reasons to Visit the New National Veterans Memorial and Museum

Uncover history and honor those who have served at this one-of-a-kind memorial here in Ohio

Although the United States counts 20 million veterans amongst its citizens, no museum nor memorial honors them all, until now at the National Veterans Memorial and Museum in Columbus, Ohio.


Designed by, Allied Works Architecture, the NVMM is an architectural masterpiece. Named as one of the most anticipated buildings of 2018 by Architectural Digest, the NVMM is said to be a symbol of veterans and how their strength emanates from within.

“From first sight, the building impresses upon visitors the importance what lies within. The architect designed an iconic concrete arch structure, constructed from 28 million pounds of concrete, with a glass curtainwall system and spiral processional ascending to a rooftop sanctuary. Seeming to rise organically from the ground, the building itself is a symbol of our nation’s veterans and how their strength emanates from within.”

Source: National Veterans Memorial and Museum

Personal Experiences

Spearheaded by John Glenn, a committee decided that the most appropriate tribute to these men and women, sons and daughters, mothers and fathers would be a place that tells their personal stories.  Sharing the individual veteran story is a key component of NVMM.

Within the walls of this iconic building, the personal stories of veterans from across the country are shown via interactive displays, in 14 different thematic alcoves. With a focus on the individual experience of the veteran, the museum tells their stories through their mission to Honor, Connect, Inspire and Educate.

Individuals who contributed to the cause share their experiences: leaving home, receiving letters from home, learning new skills and returning home. Visitors can connect with real veterans featured in these displays with stories that will touch their hearts for a lifetime.

All Encompassing

A timeline in the center of the museum, starts at the Revolutionary War and continues to modern times with times of both peace and conflict in between; the goal is to celebrate and honor service through the ages. The Remembrance Gallery plays Taps frequently and the Memorial Grove offers a space to reflect and process.

Lt. General Michael Ferriter, US Army (Retired), President and CEO of NVMM summarizes the importance of NVMM:

“Every Veteran and family member will see themselves here. They will remember leaving home and their first deployment. Some will remember the friendships made for life and those who didn’t make it home to be called a Veteran. Some will remember how they raised families while in service. They will see examples of how they grew, learned skills, and jobs. How they returned to their communities as innovative leaders and team players who want to accomplish the next mission. The National Veterans Memorial and Museum is about people, both well-known and those known only to friends and family, who have provided the pillars of what this country is all about – founded in service and honored by sacrifice.”

The National Veterans Memorial and Museum offers free admission for all US Military Veterans and Gold Star Families. Honor history and those who have served at this one-of-a-kind memorial right here in Ohio.

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