4 of the Best Coffee Shops in Cleveland (That Aren’t Starbucks)
By Amanda Williams

4 of the Best Coffee Shops in Cleveland (That Aren’t Starbucks)

Coffee. That caffeinated drink that makes mornings so much more bearable for so many of us. 
Some coffee drinkers are happy to brew their own mugs at home. Others are happy to pick up a cup from Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts on the way to work. But what is there for those who desire a more crafted brew, or who prefer to support local businesses rather than the big chains?
Here are a handful of unique coffee shops in Cleveland to satisfy your coffee cravings: 


Where: 3000 Bridge Street (Ohio City)

Phoenix Coffee Ohio City
Phoenix is actually a small coffee chain, but because it’s entirely Cleveland-based, I decided it still deserved a spot on this list. With cafes in Cleveland Heights, Ohio City, and downtown, Phoenix has a reputation as a top-notch coffee roaster in northeast Ohio (they’ve been roasting coffee in Cleveland for more than 25 years).
I especially like Phoenix’s Ohio City cafe, which is in a cool, old, brick building on Bridge Street with an outdoor patio for the warmer months.

Phoenix Coffee Ohio City


Where: 530 Euclid Ave (downtown)
Out of all the downtown coffee spots, Pour is my favorite. Their name comes from their trendy pour-over coffees, but they also serve up espresso, cold brews, local bagels, and more. When it comes to coffee, Pour stands out because they are a multi-roaster – they source their coffee from all around the world rather than from just one place, and swap out their featured coffees every few weeks.
Pour is also located in an ideal spot downtown, within walking distance of the newly revamped Public Square and just around the corner from all the great restaurants on East 4th Street. Their bright interior with plenty of power outlets also makes Pour a great place to answer emails while you sip.

Passengers Cafe

Where: 2090 W 25th St (Ohio City)

Passengers Cafe Cleveland
Also located in Ohio City, Passengers Cafe can be found in the lobby of the Cleveland Hostel, right down the street from West Side Market. The cafe has a distinct travel theme with globes and old vintage suitcases spread all around, and it is within walking distance of the market, Great Lakes Brewing Co., and lots of Ohio City restaurants.
Along with crafting caffeinated beverages, the friendly baristas can also whip up toast and bagels with tasty spreads, most of which are sourced locally (sometimes right from West Side Market down the street).

Passengers Cafe


Where: 2135 Columbus Rd (Tremont)
Duck-Rabbit Coffee, a small artisan roastery and cafe right on the edge of Tremont and Ohio City, is a newcomer on the Cleveland coffee scene, having only opened in 2016. But it’s quickly become a favorite thanks to its relaxed atmosphere and attention to detail when it comes to its unique roasts. 
At Duck-Rabbit, the focus is on looking at (and drinking) coffee differently. Here, they want the coffee-drinking experience to be more like a wine tasting (though you can certainly just go in to sip a cup like normal, too).

Phoenix Coffee
Other coffee shops worth checking out in Cleveland include Six ShooterErie Island Coffee Co., Loop, Civilization, and Rising Star
And if you’re planning to go cafe-hopping in Cleveland, be sure to pick up a “Disloyalty Card,” which rewards you for visiting multiple locally-owned coffee shops. Visit five locations and get your sixth drink for free (participating coffee shops include Phoenix, Duck-Rabbit, Rising Star, Pour, Passengers Cafe, and Rooted in Cleveland).
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