5 Ohio Pizzas You Need To Try
By Paola Santiago

5 Ohio Pizzas You Need To Try

Share a pie or have it to yourself, Ohio pizza is worth the trip.

Goodfellas Pizzeria in Cincinnati

Pizza is a worldwide phenomenon. Though it has its origins, no one country can truly own this dish. Gooey, spicey, tart, creamy, meaty, vegan you name it — it exists on a pizza. With so many fresh ingredients available in Ohio and so many creative cooks at the helm of our culinary industry, there’s no wonder we’ve got some of the best pie out there! Take a look at this choice list and celebrate National Pizza Day with a slice of your own.

Goodfellas Pizzeria in Cincinnati

At Goodfellas, the calories don’t really count because you can always say you had only one slice. It doesn’t matter that the slice was as big as your face. No one needs to know. These New York-style pies are a perfect interpretation of an American classic. The goodness doesn’t end there, sample their Prohibition-era cocktails, which are award-winning and reinvent the pizza-parlor experience.

GoreMade Pizza in Columbus

A local favorite for its happy hour specials and Sunday family-dinner style setup ($20 buys you as much pizza as you can eat or as much as the chefs can make!), GoreMade does local cooking like no one else. You will never see the same menu here more than a handful of times as it changes with the season, ingredients available and maybe the owner’s whimsy. Don’t know what to order? Don’t worry, you’ll often be able to ask the owner himself, Nick Gore, to make you something special.

Old Scratch Pizza in Dayton

We’re all allergic to something. Dairy, gluten, negativity — whatever it is, Old Scratch has a pizza solution for it. Their Neopolitan-style pies are fired in their wood-burning oven and served in a communal style hall. Need something to wash it down? They have 20 taps at the ready with local and regional craft brews.

Citizen Pie in Cleveland

Vytauras Sasnaukas was born in Soviet Era Lithuania and came up with his very first pizza dish as a child living through communism. His pizza shop, Citizen Pie, is a tribute to those memories, with the apt slogan, “Pizza for the People.” Here you can either build your own pie or take a bite of familiar takes on new concepts like the Pesto Animal or Puttanesca pizzas.

Brimfield Bread Oven in Kent

This bakery is unique. They make all of their pastries and bread like they make their unbelievably delectable pizza specials. Fueled by fire, their masonry oven gives everything they make a unique crunch and delightful texture. Most places that cook organic don’t consider their grains, but here they do ensuring that even the flour on their rolling pins is organic and locally sourced. We recommend lunching here and then taking their bread and pastries to go for a breakfast the next day!

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