5 Reasons to Stay at the BrewDog DogHouse in Columbus
By Theresa Russell

5 Reasons to Stay at the BrewDog DogHouse in Columbus

Find out what's on tap at this one-of-a-kind hotel

It’s not all the time that anybody would want to be in the doghouse, but being in THE DogHouse gives new meaning to the term. An imposing presence in  southeast Columbus town of Canal Winchester, the DogHouse adjoins BrewDog, the first US location of the craft brewery with headquarters in Scotland.

Like with their brewery, BrewDog launched a crowdfunding campaign, which exceeded its goals. Those who were part of Equity for Punks, as the campaign was called, got first dibs on reservations at this first brewery hotel in the world, definitely worth experiencing.

One of a Kind.

The 32 rooms vary with both standard rooms and suites, some of which are accessible. As expected, the focus is beer. When you make your booking, you can request a specific type of beer that will be placed into a growler and hooked up to the in-room tap and refrigerator.

Brewing Hospitality.

Guests will be welcomed upon check-in with a complimentary craft beer served by the combination bartender desk clerk. Be sure to try their seasonal beers, which may be unavailable for the room tap, especially if they are of the nitro variety. For dark beer fans, I recommend the Two Ton Truck and the Chocolate Donut. Cans of those were available at the front desk, which really does also function like a bar.

Locally Sourced Amenities.

DogHouse is committed to the local community and features local amenities like soap  in the guest rooms. The soaps are made by Glenn Avenue Soap Company . Another unusual amenity is the shower beer fridge and another mini-bar full of both BrewDog and locally crafted brands of beer curated by the co-founders, James Watt and Martin Dickie.  As guests love their coffee as much as their beer, in-room coffee also comes from local Columbus, Stauf’s Coffee Roasters.

Beer. Beer. & More Beer.

Everything about the DogHouse relates to beer: the neon signs in the suites, the view from the rooms or hallways of the sour facility, even the reading material in the room, which consists of all sorts of beer-related publications. Downstairs in the large lobby, you will likely see beer aficionados wearing a shirt with some type of beer slogan. There are books, board games and ping-pong to entertain you.

Pup Approved.

Can there be a DogHouse without dogs? Certainly not! The DogHouse has several designated pet-friendly rooms on the first level. The location of the hotel right next to a multi-purpose path makes it ideal for walking dogs or for getting in a morning walk, jog or bike ride. A dog park near a small pond is adjacent to the outdoor tables and gathering area.

If you love beer, design and a bit of eccentricity, book your stay at the DogHouse.

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