A Fresh Start for the Licking County Trout Club
By Theresa Russell

A Fresh Start for the Licking County Trout Club

Some childhood memories linger forever and reminiscing about sunny days with friends brings feelings of happiness and often a desire to relive those carefree days of our youth. Well, now, that is entirely possible with the rebirth of The Trout Club just outside of Newark. Most recently, known as the Licking Springs Golf and Trout Club, the property had fallen into a state of disrepair. Brent Dewey, the new owner along with his wife, Agata, saw beyond the poor condition of the property and envisioned a resort that would be open to the public.

Trout Club clubhouse

The transformation began, and parts of the original club house were incorporated into the gleaming new restaurant and club house, with the old farm house now being used as the kitchen. The building now includes a restaurant and bar, a pro shop and private rooms that are ideal for business meetings, weddings and other events.

TC Lounge

Outside there are two 19-hole golf courses that can be played two different ways and also two putting greens. The course is open to the public, but memberships are also available for not only the golf course, but also the pool and the TC Lounge, which includes access to quarterly private events. Of course, being a public resort, all of the above are open to the public whether they choose to become members or not.

The pool area offers comfy spots for lounging as well as a snack bar and pool bar. Adjacent to the pool area, an exquisite outdoor stage provides space for entertainment. Showcasing local bands, Trout Club has weekly Friday night performances. For your acoustic listening pleasure the TC Lounge is the place to be.

The Trout Club fish tank

About the Trout Club name: at one time more than 100,000 trout were bred on the premises. With a natural water source on the property and the use of European technology, trout production boomed. This is quite  a feat considering that trout are cannabilistic. For the first time in 20 years trout have been re-stocked on the property, providing entertainment for restaurant guests.

Do you remember your high school prom, your first kiss or summer fun at the resort? Do you remember Clark’s Chicken, that special recipe in the family for 92 years? Well, they have it. Gather your family and friends and head to the new Trout Club and relive the past, while enjoying its present surroundings and offerings. And if you enjoy fireworks, be sure to stop by on a Sunday.

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