Bank on a New Dining Experience
By Jen Rome

Bank on a New Dining Experience

Get locked into one of the hottest places to eat and drink in Cleveland.

Vault inside The Metropolitan at The 9 in Cleveland

Cleveland has a rich history in the banking industry, from the days when industrial giants like Carnegie and Rockefeller kept their fortunes safe in the vaults of the city. In those days, banks were palaces that outwardly signaled the wealth they held in their coffers.

As Cleveland’s downtown renaissance took shape, many of the former bank buildings were repurposed into restaurants, bars and even a grocery store. But the developers maintained the beauty of these buildings by refurbishing without changing the bank feel. Specifically, many establishments retained the bank vaults and they are now used as creative and unique places to dine and drink.


Nowhere has Cleveland’s rich banking history been better preserved than at Vault in The Metropolitan at The 9. Located in the former Cleveland Trust building, Vault has four preserved vault spaces that allow guests to sip a craft cocktail surrounded by a piece of Cleveland’s iconic history.

Each of the four Vault spaces is named after legends of the Cleveland era. The largest of Vault’s, well, vaults, used to house Carnegie’s and Rockefeller’s fortunes. In that vault there is a small escape hatch, which according to historians, was opened only twice in the vault’s operational time. While we don’t know the stories behind its use, it certainly lends itself to interesting speculation.

Each of the vaults shows “Casablanca” on a continuous, soundless loop. The vaults are all open for first-come, first-served seating. Provided they aren’t booked by a private party.

So, what will you enjoy while relaxing amidst Cleveland history? Fine craft cocktails concocted by a professional mixologist team. The AZ85 is the signature drink at Vault, a smoked Manhattan injected into a hollow ice sphere. The creation and presentation of the AZ85 is truly extraordinary. But order yours early, as there are only 10 available per evening!

Vault boasts an extensive menu of craft cocktails sorted by liquor, which you can choose from. You can also chat with a mixologist about your favorite liquors and flavors, and have your own personal libation made just for you.

Vault also offers a menu of small plates, including a decadent duck confit campanelle with sliced truffle and a sweet tomato compote to balance the richness of the duck. If you’re lucky enough to score one of the AZ85 cocktails, pair it with the AZ85 pork wings, smoked just like the drink.

Vault is available for both private events and is open to the public. It truly takes you back in time to the days of Cleveland’s booming industrial age, while offering all the sleek, delicious modernity your palate desires.

Beyond Vault, you can dine, drink and explore in other former bank buildings around Cleveland, like at Crop Bistro & Bar, Dante and Marble Room Steaks & Raw Bar.

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