Bed, Breakfast and Bicycling
By Theresa Russell

Like many cyclists, I enjoy exploring new places and new food while engaging in my favorite way to travel. Knowing that the Hockhocking Adena Bikeway makes easy work of the hilly areas of Athens County, I chose that for a weekend adventure. The Footpath B&B in Athens at the terminus of the trail was a new one to me and looked ideal because of its proximity to the trail. Not typical of many B&Bs, the Footpath is actually an apartment with three bedrooms and a fully stocked kitchen, a real bonus for the two of us who did the northern section of the trail in the morning and needed a snack to tide us over. We spread out and raided the fridge and cupboards, which were full of snacks and beverages, including one of my favorites, wine. Located atop a commercial building, Footpath is an ideal spot for a family or group of friends looking to explore the bikeway and surrounding areas. Being within easy walking distance of downtown Athens is a real bonus.


Although the terrain in the area is hilly, the Hockhocking Adena Bikeway alleviates any concerns about lung burning hills or persecuted quads because it is basically flat although it does have a slight grade heading north. We debated about leaving our car in Nelsonville and coming back the next day, but opted to do the trail in out-and-back segments. The HockHocking Adena Bikeway passes through a diverse area of geological features and flora. We stopped multiple times to watch the Hocking River flow by, examine the rock outcroppings and gaze at old barns, flowers and streams.

The trail is not just about nature, but also gives a look into the area’s past. Near Hocking College, Robbins Crossing is a historical village from the 1850s. Tiny Eclipse has a bike repair station and is a former company town of the coal mining industry. And of course, Athens is the home of OU and a plethora of dining and entertainment options. We had looked forward to adding more restaurants to our dining repertoire, but after a day of cycling and a late lunch, we found that the FootpathB&B had everything we needed to enjoy a movie and spend a relaxing evening watching movies. Our quest now is to find other B&Bs near bicycling trails so that we can enjoy another Ohio cycling getaway.






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