Cabin Booking 101
By Anietra Hamper

Cabin Booking 101

What to know before you go.

When I stepped foot into my cabin at the Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls, in the Hocking Hills region, the ambiance was exactly as I had imagined it for a romantic weekend.

The quiet natural surroundings, private space, clean cabin and amenities like a coffee maker, robes and a microwave provided all the comfort that I need for a surprise getaway for my significant other. I wanted it to be perfect, and it was.

This is the kind of experience most people expect when booking a cabin getaway, but unfortunately, it’s not always what you get. That is why it is important to ask questions before you book a cabin in any destination to ensure your stay is how you envisioned it. 

“Whatever your reason for time away, selecting the right accommodation is of utmost importance as it sets the stage for your entire trip. Asking questions ensures that you are making an informed decision prior to making your reservation,” said Ellen Grinsfelder, Innkeeper/Owner, Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls. 

Here are some important questions to ask before you book your next cabin getaway:

When is the last time your cabin was rented?

If it has been awhile since there were guests, find out why.

Where are you located in the region?

In a region like Hocking Hills, you want to stay fairly close to the areas you are likely to visit like Old Man’s Cave. The Inn at Cedar Falls, where I stayed, is only three miles from several hiking areas, which was convenient. In locations where cabin getaways are popular, you could end up far away from trails, which means extra time just to get to activities. Location proximity also matters when the sun goes down as many cabin getaway destinations are in areas that are difficult to navigate in the dark.

What kind of lodging options do you have?

Some couples like quiet cabins, others prefer an Inn environment, which puts them closer to dining and spa options.

What is your Trip Advisor rating?

It is important to find out the feedback from previous guests. Anything can look great in a picture online, but nothing replaces recommendations, or warnings, from previous guests.

How close are you to dining options?

This is important as it will determine how you prepare for your weekend. Are dining options close? Is there a restaurant on-site? Will you need to bring snacks or meals?

Do you have Wi-Fi?

Most weekend getaways are designed to do just that – get away from everything and many cabins in remote areas do not have service. In our connected world, it is important to ask where you can get service if you need it. Is there a main office or lounge? A local coffee shop?

What amenities do you offer?

Every cabin company is different. The Inn at Cedar Falls requires that you just show up and everything else like towels, sheets and even robes are ready. Other cabins require you to bring linens or cookware (if there is a kitchen), which can be a real bummer if you are not prepared for this ahead of time.

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