Columbus Museum of Art’s New Expansion
By Heather Rader

Columbus Museum of Art’s New Expansion

Ohio art lovers will rejoice with a visit to the Columbus Museum of Art’s new expansion! With a fresh and sleek design, the new art wing conveys a modern style in Ohio’s capital city. The contemporary design of the new expansion compliments the beauty of the historic building and recognizes the importance of preserving the beloved historic structure. Thus, a new era begins at the new Columbus Museum of Art, where the historic past and modern future combine to give museum visitors a unique art experience!


The Columbus Museum of Art (CMA) is located in the Discovery District of downtown Columbus. Initially named the Columbus Gallery of Fine Arts and formed in 1878, the Columbus Museum of Art was the first art museum in Ohio. The original building was replaced in 1931 with a beautiful art-deco architectural design and is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The 1931 historic building was named the Ross Wing in 1974, and beautifully houses art collections that represent the late nineteenth and early twentieth-century American and European modern art, various collections of folk art, glass, and photography, and regional collections by world-renowned Columbus native artists. Along with the impressive art collections, the Ross Wing encourages visitors to seek their own creativity within the Big Idea Gallery and the Wonder Room in the JPMorgan Chase Center for Creativity.

The new expansion of the Columbus Museum of Art, named the Walter Wing, wows visitors with an eye-appealing light and open design concept that lovingly showcases the original façade of the historic Ross Wing. The 37.6 million dollar expansion gives the Columbus Museum of Art an additional 50,000 square feet to showcase an impressive collection of permanent and special exhibitions of modern art. The modern design creates the opportunity for the Columbus Museum of Art to showcase nationally and internationally renowned traveling art exhibitions, thus bringing national and international attention to Ohio’s capital city! Along with remarkable collections of art, the new Walter Wing enhances visitor’s experience with the new Museum Store at CMA (with creative goods for every price point), the Schokko Art Café (the restaurant is operated by Cameron Mitchell Premier Events), the Patricia M. Jurgensen Sculpture Garden (a Green Spot designated by the city of Columbus), and numerous modern event spaces and amenities throughout the museum.


The Columbus Museum of Art encourages visitors to discuss, examine, and enjoy art pieces throughout the sleek new Walter Wing and historic Ross Wing, allowing for an enjoyable art experience within a non-pretentious atmosphere. The new Columbus Museum of Art expansion will positively impact the city of Columbus by exhibiting renowned art collections and tempting art-lovers to explore central Ohio’s art scene!

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A special thanks to the Columbus Museum of Art for their warm hospitality during my visit!



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