Cool & Cozy Ohio Cabins
By Michael Evans

The idea of sleeping under the stars, awaking to birds chirping, and bonding with friends in the great outdoors is my idea of an amazing night. It’s difficult to see the stars with bright city lights, and even harder to hear the chirping of birds while traffic whizzes by. A uniquely Ohio lodging getaway can help to remedy this!

The Mohican Tree House Cabins

If you pick the right cabin in the right place, you can wake up and head out on a hike, embark on a canoe ride, or enjoy a nearby festival. While there are literally hundreds of options out there, below are some of the greatest spots to rent a cabin or overnight in a unique lodging facility in Ohio. For a comprehensive listing of cabins found at all Ohio State Parks, visit this site.

A view of Put-In-Bay 

1. Island View Cottages: Why bother planning a vacation to far off places like Florida or Mexico, when you can take a getaway to Ohio’s own Put-In-Bay on South Bass Island? Put-In-Bay is an extremely popular tourist destination that thrives during the months of April-October, which is prime season for outdoor activities like fishing, kayaking and swimming. The island is 12 miles from the Ohio mainland, and is the third largest Ohio island. Only about 150 people actually live on the small island, but many thousands visit annually! I recommend booking a stay at Island View Cottages and staying at least one night so you can fully enjoy the nightlife and the true Put-In-Bay experience.

Some things to try while you’re in the area: Heineman’s Winery, Perry’s Victory International Peace Memorial, and Kayak-The-Bay

2. Mohican Tree House Cabins: If you have ever had a desire to live Swiss Family Robinson style for a day, or if you wanted to bring back childhood memories of the tree house you had in your backyard, now you can! The Mohicans, located in Glenmont, Ohio, (Knox County) have these exciting accommodations available for anyone to stay. Borrowing technology from the zip line industry, the tree houses are constructed upon platforms with heavy-duty bolts and hardware fastened to the trees to ensure safety, and to provide flexibility for when the trees inevitably grow in size over the years. These cabins are nestled in the treetops starting at around 20 feet in the air, allowing for beautiful, picturesque views of the Mohican Forest, and providing a peaceful refuge.

Some things to try while you’re in the area: Tree Frog Canopy Tours, Loudonville Canoe Livery, and Mohican Adventures

3. Geneva State Park Campground: This 698-acre state-run park in Geneva (Ashtabula County) is situated along the Lake Erie coastline, and has thick forested and marshy inlands. You’re sure to find a number of enticing activities at Geneva State Park: hiking six-miles of multi-use trails, biking, fishing, hunting, boating, archery, swimming, picnicking at the Crabapple Picnic Area, staying in one of the deluxe cedar cabins, or camping on one of the many campsites. There are numerous wineries in the area as well.

Some things to try while you’re in the area: Lakehouse Inn & Winery, the Wine Shuttle Tour, and the Ashtabula County Covered Bridge Tour

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4. The Hocking Hills Caboose: Have you ever slept overnight in the cabin of a train? This unique location allows you to do just that – but in the middle of the woods! While this is not a traditional log or cedar cabin, the cool factor on this location guaranteed it a spot on the list! The Hocking Hills Caboose is exactly what it sounds like: a real life caboose from an old 1950s train that is retrofitted into a cabin for rent. Obviously you have to plan ahead for this one, since spots are limited.

Some things to try while you’re in the area: Ash Cave, Old Man’s Cave, Cantwell Cliff’s

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5. Nomad Ridge at The Wilds: Located on 10,000 acres of land in Cumberland (Guernsey County) in Southeast Ohio, The Wilds is one of the world’s largest and most impressive wildlife conservation facilities. There are many rare and endangered species living here, for purposes of research, education, breeding, observation, and personal experience. In addition to going on open air safaris to see giraffes, zebras, ostriches, rhinos and more up close & personal, you also can stay overnight. There is a lodge, but the more exciting option is booking a stay in one of the yurts on Nomad Ridge. A yurt is somewhat of a hybrid between a tent and a cabin, and the ones found at Nomad Ridge are all decked out!

Some things to try while you’re in the area: Wilds Zipline Safari, Open Air Safari

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