COSI’s Dinosaur Exhibit is a Blast from the Past
By Brittani Rable

COSI’s Dinosaur Exhibit is a Blast from the Past

COSI's New Dinosaur Exhibit is Mighty Fun for Everyone

Maybe you’ve finished finals or you just need a break from studying. There’s no better way to celebrate or catch your breath than taking a trip back in time 65 million years.

Unfortunately, that’s not actually possible, but you can get close with COSI’s new dinosaur gallery, courtesy of the American Museum of Natural History. In this exhibit, you’ll not only get to marvel at the sheer size of a Tyrannosaurus Rex, but you’ll also get the opportunity to touch real fossils and learn more about the habits and lifestyles of these ancient creatures.

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You’ll learn about their environment, how fast a T-Rex was, the purpose of a Triceratops’s huge skull plate. In addition, you’ll get an in-depth look at how birds are the modern dinosaur and evolution’s role in this development. Along the way, there are bits and bobs of information, some featuring the classic Jurassic Park film. The exhibit even debunks some common Hollywood myths from the film; to find out, you’ll have to visit for yourself.

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But it’s not just bones and birds, the exhibit combines the two to show you how dinosaurs might have really looked in their prime, and yes, that includes feathers. Interactive displays make learning about these prehistoric birds fun for all ages, whether you’re bulding a dinosaur to see if your creation can fly or testing the speed of a T-Rex when its dimensions are changed. 

Photo courtesy of COSI


So whether you like the thrill of seeing these giants in person or are curious about their existence, COSI’s exhibit is perfect, with no shortage of excitement and information. COSI is open this season from Wednesday to Sunday, 10 am to 5 pm, with a variety of admission options depending on how much you want to see. For adults, the space features nightime hours for grown-ups with a cash bar and other activities. See COSI’s website, for more information.

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