Cupcake Tour of Central Ohio
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Cupcake Tour of Central Ohio

While there’s nothing sweeter than spending my Wednesdays away from work with my baby daughter, I learned early on that she would much rather be out exploring than sitting in one place. So, this past summer and fall, we embarked on a cupcake tour of Columbus. Columbus has several cupcakeries, and we’ve enjoyed each one immensely. Here are some highlights:

Pink Moon Cupcake Bakery in Powell wins for best overall cupcake experience. The staff all wear cupcake-printed aprons, and I even picked up an adorable hand-knitted cupcake hat for my daughter in addition to gorgeously decorated sweets. I will say these cupcakes were a little heavy on the icing for my personal taste, but many will find them perfect.

Pink Moon Cupcakes

Our CupCakery in historic downtown Dublin, Ohio, is also a wonderful place to visit, and I felt the icing was a little better balanced here. Plus they have the nice option of regular-size or miniature cupcakes in everyday, as well as seasonal flavors. Who can resist a mini cupcake? Certainly not this blogger.

Our Cupcakery

Bakery Gingham in the Short North (they also have a German Village location) came highly recommended and delivered on its promise. They had me hook, line and sinker with their signature flavor, Ultra-violet White – a white cupcake with pale purple vanilla buttercream icing. Yum!

Bottom line, wherever you may be in Columbus, there’s likely a cupcake bakery within reach. Where are the other great cupcakeries in other parts of Ohio? Please comment and let me know because Zoe and I want to take our cupcake tour on the road. Where can we find the best cupcake in the state?

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