About 1830 Hallauer House Bed & Breakfast

Looking for great accommodations? We suggest that you »Seek the Unique!' 1830 Hallauer House is unique! In 2016 the 1830 Hallauer House B & B was given the Runner up title for Most Unique Lodging in Ohio. This is where you come for history, stay for fun, and leave with memories. The history is found in a house where there are signs that it may have been a stop on the Underground Railroad. At breakfast guests will hear stories about the John Price rescue, the history of Oberlin and Oberlin's involvement in the Underground Railroad. Civil War uniforms, artifacts, and books are found in the Union Room, the Confederate Room, and the Mason/Dixon Suite. Staying for the fun means you will be able to swim in the heated pool from May to September and relax in the hot tub year year round. Workout, play pool or ping pong in the fitness/rec room. Take a sauna in the Asian Spa, play the piano in the Music Room, or stroll the garden paths and just relax. Take day trips to Cleveland, go west to Cedar Point, and go north to Lake Erie for fishing, boating, and the beach..When it is time to go you will leave with the memories of all that you have learned, seen, and done. You will remember the breakfasts, maybe ask for recipes. You will have many pictures in the Garden of Misfit Junk, and maybe some selfies of you in the pool or hot tub.We are small, we are unique, and we welcome everyone from anywhere.

Features & Amenities

Pool, Hot Tub, Gardens, Fitness Center, Ping Pong, Pool Table, Music Room, Free breakfast

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