About 2 Tones Brewing Co.

The 2 Tones, Anthony and Tony, developed a passion for drinking craft beer as college roommates while attending The Ohio State University in 2008. Their passion for consumption transformed into a passion for creation over time. In 2009, the 2 Tones brewed their first batch of homebrew, a 10% ABV oatmeal imperial stout! It was an ambitious first brew, but the start of something special. Since then, they've crafted many beer styles ranging from Kölsch to Double IPA to Coffee Stout to Bourbon Barrel Barleywine. Over the years, two flagship beers were developed by 2 Tones: the Irish Red Ale and the India Pale Ale.This is where the business plan began. Three years later, in 2016, 2 Tones Brewing Co settled in a small industrial space in Whitehall and started brewing beer commercially. After three years of self-distributing beer to local bars and restaurants, 2 Tones opened their first taproom at 4539 E Broad St in Whitehall.

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