About 5 B’s Embroidery Company Tour

Tour 5 B's Embroidery Company. 5B’s was created as a specialty sewing business, operated from the Biles family’s basement in. In 1985, 5B’s landed its first contract with a nationally-­distributed clothing manufacturer. Then in 1994, 5B’s was selected as the number one embroidery corporation in the United States by Impressions Magazine, the oldest and largest trade publication in the industry. In 1996, 5B’s became one of the largest contract embroidery corporations in the country, with over 700 embroidery heads. A new 170,000 square foot facility was opened, housing embroidery, apparel preparation, customer service, an art and digitizing department, warehousing, and corporate and administrative offices. 5B’s still operates from that location today, however, construction began in 2018 on a 50,000 sq. ft. expansion to the current facility primarily to address the rapid growth of the company’s screen print and stock program operations. Despite the rapid growth and changes throughout the years, 5B’s has never lost sight of where the last 37 years in the embroidery business has brought them. From our humble beginnings to the present, 5B’s mission has remained the same and continues to be the backbone of our company -­ To be the best privately owned decorator in the world, serving you, our valued customer.

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