About A.W. Marion State Park

Located in central Ohio near Circleville, the rolling woodlands and quiet waters of A.W. Marion State Park offer visitors a welcome escape from the rigors of everyday life. This small (309 acres) but unique park offers a variety of recreational activities while maintaining a quiet atmosphere of natural serenity. A.W. Marion State Park can attribute its natural wonders to glaciation that occurred more than 12,000 years ago. As glaciers advanced over more than two-thirds of Ohio, vast amounts of rock and soil (or till) were deposited over the landscape. This till had a direct effect on the natural vegetation that occurs at A.W. Marion as the soils are very fertile.The landscape features woodlands, plains and prairies. The prairies, a product of an ancient dry climate, are really small versions of the more extensive grasslands in the western United States. This eastern portion of these grasslands extends into Ohio and is part of the prairie-forest border or tension zone. Within this zone, the grasslands increased in size during droughts, only to be re-invaded by forests during wet periods. Before settlement began, scrub oak barrens, dense thickets formed by this shrub, were common in the region but have since been cleared for raising crops.The nearby floodplains of the Scioto River are adorned with a variety of wildflowers. Wildlife indigenous to the area includes fox squirrel, ring-necked pheasant, a variety of songbirds, red fox and white-tailed deer.

Features & Amenities

Boating, fishing, dog swim area, hiking, hunting, swimming, picnicking, camping

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