About Alum Creek State Park

Located in central Ohio, the 4,630-acre Alum Creek State Park provides access to the park's 3,387-acre reservoir, a boater's paradise. Sunseekers can mingle with one another on Ohio's largest inland beach. Rolling hills and quiet coves nestled among shale cliffs offer a hub of recreational activity minutes from Ohio's capital city. Alum Creek rests in the midst of the fertile agricultural till plains and river valleys of Delaware County. Alum Creek offers a diverse array of natural features. Cliffs of Ohio shale, the muddy remains of an ancient sea, are notable in many areas, both within the park and at nearby Highbanks MetroPark and Shale Hollow Park. The cliffs were carved as Alum Creek and other streams cut through underlying bedrock. The dark hue of the rock is due to the mixture of carbonized plant material and mud that formed the shale.

Features & Amenities

Boating, disc golf, dog park, fishing, hunting, picnicking, swimming, hiking, camping, camper cabins

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