About Beeker’s General Store

Walking into Beeker's General Store is like taking a step back in time. This store has the look and atmosphere of the late 19th century general stores where people met on a Saturday afternoon, after chores were done to “gossip and grocery.” As you take the first step over the well-worn stoop, you hear the creak of the planked floor, worn from countless footsteps. Your first sense is the dimness of light and clutter. Although the old gas lights have been replaced by more modern day electric, there is no need to use the electric lights because the rays of daylight coming through the high windows lined along the twenty foot walls suffice. The unique and ornate tin ceiling gives this old building a sign of grandeur amongst the old wooden shelves and bins. All around you, you see the assortment of items catering to the farmer, housewife, child or craftsperson. Among the variety of items is a feeling of the need to search and discover the one item you have unknowingly been searching for. You once found threads, fabrics, kitchen utensils, shoes and boots, crafts, penny candy and a huge variety of grocery items from freshly baked bread to canned goods. Local farmers and tradesmen counted on this store not only for the essentials in their life, but for the neighboring it allowed them to enjoy on a Saturday afternoon. Our current product offerings include Amish edibles, decadent chocolates, keepsake gifts, and gorgeous florals. We welcome you at Beeker's General Store.

Features & Amenities

Free parking; handicap accessible (wheelchair accessible by calling 419-287-3274); friendly service

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