About Belmont Brewerks

Originally founded in 1885 as a winery, Belmont Brewing Company converted to a brewery after the rattling trains passing by caused the wine to be shaken in its barrels and not settle correctly.Opening in 1890, Belmont Brewing Company successfully brewed and sold beer to Ohio and West Virginia residents and steel workers.In 2019, a group of investors came together to bring back the long-closed brewery and give it a modern twist of their own but with a vintage flare. Opening in 2020, Belmont Brewerks is a new business nodding to the great Belmont Brewing Company, serving local and quality food, hand-crafted cocktails, and specialty coffee drinks.The building itself has been completely renovated, inside and out, including a new outdoor patio and space that will eventually be able to be used year-round. 75-inch TV's surround the restaurant that will hold around 50 guests.

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