About Black Horse Inn

The Black Horse Inn may be Morristown's most famous landmark. Erected around 1807 as a smaller structure, additions came later along the years. It was the site of Duncan Morrison's tavern and reputed to be part of the Underground Railroad during the Civil War. Before getting notoriety as the Black Horse Inn, it operated as the Horner House, Wright Hotel and Shriver Hotel.In April 2013, a group of people, led by the Morristown Historic Preservation Association, decided they could not see this Morristown landmark fall. Their passion for this iconic landmark brought them together to purchase the Black Horse Inn.The owners understood the inn's importance and agreed to sell it at a reduced price to MHPA. Fundraising among the group began in earnest. Soon, the Belmont County Tourism Council recognized the potential of a restored Black Horse Inn as a tourist destination and donated the purchase price to the Preservation Association. And so began another chapter in the long, storied history of the Black Horse Inn. By August 2016, exterior restoration was nearly complete, thanks to the generous and continued support of the Tourism Council. Other funders have included the Glenn Harper Endowment Fund and the Smith-Goshen-Rice Enrichment Fund.This is an important preservation project, but it is much more. A restored Black Horse Inn holds the promise of revitalizing the entire community and contributing to the economic development of the area.

Features & Amenities

Free parking.

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