About Blue Rock State Park

Rugged hills and rich green forests provide the backdrop to Blue Rock State Park. Escape to nature’s solitude, and enjoy the diverse flora and fauna of this scenic 322-acre state park.The origin of Ohio’s bedrock materials can be traced back millions of years when the state was inundated by a shallow inland sea. Materials deposited by this sea formed the bedrock types now found in Ohio–namely limestone, shale and sandstone. The silt and clay from these waters formed the sedimentary shale found within the Blue Rock State Park region. This blue-colored shale gave the park its name.Before settlement of the area began, most of Ohio was in forest cover. By 1900, only twelve percent of the original forest remained. In the Blue Rock region, the rough terrain, poor soils and the economic woes caused by the Great Depression forced farmers to abandon their lands allowing them to revert back to forest.The Ohio Department of Natural Resources now maintains 4,573 acres of the Blue Rock State Forest surrounding the park. The forest is dominated by oaks and hickories. In the lush undergrowth, woodland wildflowers such as trillium, cardinal flower and rare orchids can be found among a variety of ferns, mosses and lichens. Deer, grouse, squirrel and wild turkey are just a few of the woodland game which make the forest their home.

Features & Amenities

Archery, boating, fishing, horseback riding, hunting, camping, picnicking, hiking

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