About Blues Creek Park

A catch-and-release fishing pond and a sledding hill are just two of the features of this 139-acre park, which is part of the Preservation Parks of Delaware County system. The other defining feature of this park is its prairies, which fill the center section and are surrounded by walking trails. In the summer, the prairies are teeming with bright yellow, purple and white native flowers, along with tall, waving prairie grasses. To help promote planting native flowers, we pick seed from the Blues Creek prairies, and distribute them in seed packets. Butterflies of all kinds flutter in and out, and the song of birds and insects fill the air. Woodlands also are present in the park, some due to reforestation efforts by the park district. Because this park is on the outskirts of the county and has large open areas, it is the site of our annual Perseid Meteor Shower Campout in August.

Features & Amenities

Sledding hill; catch-and-release fishing pond for all ages; hiking trails; picnic shelters

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