About Canal Market District

The Canal Market District isn't just about finding fresh, local produce and handmade artisan crafts. The CMD is a hub to build relationships with the people that make up this community. As our city prepares to restore the south side, we want to solidify our commitment to revitalization by providing a space that encourages everyone to learn and grow together. Several urban renewal projects in the downtown area are contributing to a pivotal time in our history. With the help of local leaders, fellow citizens, and the city of Newark, we have been working to improve the quality of life in our community. Bringing healthy, affordable, and locally produced food to our community is central to this revitalization and the economic development of Newark and Licking County as a whole. The CMD is picking up where the Ohio Canal left off. The Canal Market District has reclaimed this space in the heart of downtown with the same spirit of our ancestors: bringing people together to share local food and crafts. The Canal Market District is proud to add our value to the culture of Newark.

Features & Amenities

Free parking, free admission, open air market space, ADA accessible, bench seating, public restrooms

Photo Gallery

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