About Captina Creek Birding Trail

The American Birding Association describes birding trails as driving routes linking birding locations. According to Birding magazine, birding trails serve as “gateways to conservation and adventure” by combining ecotourism and regional education. Birding has been identified as one of America's fastest-growing outdoor recreational activities, and this enthusiasm is evident in Ohio. Residents of the Ohio Valley area do not have to travel far for prime bird-watching opportunities.Belmont County is home to a variety of special bird species, such as tropical migrating birds like the Northern Parula, spotted at Raven Rocks, the Hooded Merganser, seen overwintering at the Powhatan Point Marina, and the Belted Kingfisher, found all along the Captina corridor. The Captina Creek Birding Trail is a do-it-yourself driving tour with signage at five stops within the Captina Creek Watershed. More information about the birding trail can be found at www.belmontswcd.org.

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