About Char-Mar Ridge Park

Char-Mar Ridge Park is a 128-acre nature park that is part of the Preservation Parks of Delaware County system. It is almost entirely wooded with hickory, oak, maple, beech and other deciduous trees. As such, the 1.7-mile trail is almost entirely in the woods, affording a shady walk even on the hottest days. The trail offers some challenges, since it travels up hill and down through the ridge and ravine system. A key feature of the park is a large man-made pond in the center, visible from a raised wildlife blind. Wood ducks live at the pond's edge, and beavers have a lodge in the pond. Many migrating songbirds make their way through the park, and stop at the feeders next to the blind. Char-Mar Ridge Park also has a nature play area, where children can scramble on logs, walk in the creek and otherwise enjoy nature their way! Just 10 minutes from Uptown Westerville.

Features & Amenities

Wildlife blind; natural play area; picnic tables; walking trail

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