About Cowan Lake State Park

Located in southwestern Ohio, this 1,775-acre park offers a peaceful lake setting complete with scenic inlets and wooded shoreline. Swimming, fishing, sailing and kayaking are popular at the lake. Meandering trails through mature woodlands complement Cowan Lake's natural features. A variety of trillium and an abundance of other wildflowers can be seen from the hiking trails in the spring. In late spring/early summer, the aquatic American lotus are in bloom on the lake. Ohio's history can be found written in the rocks. Ancient layers of bedrock tell a tale of seas, marshes and swamps that once covered more than two-thirds of the state 500 million years ago. Eventually, dry land was formed by the ancient waters depositing sediment that solidified into rock. Evidence of the state's aquatic past is visible in the fossils of marine plants and animals embedded into the sediment. Today, the southwest region of Ohio is a great fossil hunting destination as numerous examples of fossilized trilobites, gastropods and horned coral are commonly discovered.Cowan Lake lies near the Cincinnati Arch, an uplifting of bedrock that occurred during the Appalachian Mountains' building process. The erosion of this arch in the Cowan region exposes fossil-rich limestone. The limestone near Cowan and other parts of the exposed arch, including nearby Caesar Creek State Park, are some of the most famous fossil hunting fields in the world.

Features & Amenities

Canoeing, boating, cabins, camping, swimming, hiking, nature center

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