About DeWitt Homestead

The log house of Zachariah Price DeWitt is now the oldest remaining structure in Oxford Township. It also is the last of a string of pioneer homesteads established along the Four-Mile Creek before Oxford Township, the town of Oxford, or Miami University even existed. It stands on the east bank of the creek about three hundred yards north of Route 73. Located on Miami University land, the structure is leased to the Oxford Museum Association, which in 1973 took on its restoration to preserve this rare example of early 19th-century log construction.Early restoration of the DeWitt Homestead in the 1970′s encompassed exposure and repair of the original adz-marked timber walls, necessary chinking, reconstruction of the limestone chimney, and replacement of floors on both levels. Limited funding prohibited comprehensive restoration at that time.The adjacent smokehouse was restored in 1999-2000.The Oxford Museum Association completed the restoration of the log homestead in 2003 as a focus of the area celebration of the Ohio bicentennial. The restoration project encompassed the inclusion of interior partitions, construction of the stairwell to the second floor, addition of windows, replacement of the shake roof, interior finishing and reconfiguration of the fireplaces. Dedication of the site occurred in May, 2003 at which time, the Bicentennial Historical Marker awarded via the Bicentennial Commission and the Longaberger Legacy Initiative was also dedicated.

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