About Doty Homestead

The Doty Homestead was a family farm for 125 years until it became part of the developing Hueston Woods State Park in the mid-1950′s. As Acton Lake was being created the Ohio Division of Parks and Recreation renovated the old brick farmhouse for use as a park office. The house was made available to the Oxford Museum Association through a state lease and, in 1959, the Association opened it to the public.Over the years, the Museum Association and the Park administration have cooperated in the kind of repairs, which might be expected for any house in its second century. The museum house got a new shake roof and new wooden gutters. Oak flooring was replaced, with some joist repairs. Shutters were added and some new windows and doors were installed. For these and other improvements, the Park often provided manpower or materials. Continuing maintenance and renovation costs are paid for from Association funds raised through visitor donations and through proceeds from a variety of annual fund raising events.Open 12-4 Saturdays and Sundays, Memorial Day through Labor Day, or by appointment.

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