About Escape NE Ohio

Escape NE Ohio features 3 immersive, first generation, family-friendly experiences, in which teams enter a themed room which contain a series of puzzles and challenges to achieve a common goal. Patrons don't escape the room; the room is the escape. It is a chance for everyone to unplug from technology and reconnect with friends, family and colleagues. Escape NE Ohio is proud to be part of the resurgence of Warren. There is rich history, great food, eclectic art — just a vibrancy that is being stoked in the downtown and surrounding areas by both the new and staple businesses. Escape NE Ohio has free, adjacent parking located just blocks from the square. We, at Escape NE Ohio, encourage you to visit the Make a Day of It tab on our web page. Explore the Warren area for lodging, food, and fun. Continue the bonding experience created at Escape NE Ohio and create lasting memories.

Features & Amenities

Adjacent free parking, non-smoking, handicap accessibility, heated; air-conditioned

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