About Estel Wenrick Wetlands

Spend an afternoon roaming 144 rich acres of high quality wetlands and woodlands. The Wetland trails provide paths through the preserve so that hikers, bird watchers, and nature lovers can enjoy and explore this undisturbed natural environment. The Wetlands is a refuge for wildlife and features many thriving species of indigenous Ohio waterfowl like the Great Blue Heron and the Wood Duck. The American Beaver makes its home there as well, making even better natural habitat for the Wetland's plants and animals. It is flourishing with over 200 identified plant species, including the endangered Eastern Prairie Fringe Orchid, which blooms proudly among the vibrant flora.In early spring, a large heron rookery at the Wenrick Wetlands is visible from Spangler Road where as many as sixty Great Blue Heron nests rest in the branches of two large trees.The Estel Wenrick Wetlands Nature Preserve provides a casual opportunity for hikers and nature lovers to see a thriving wetland area. Located in Bethel Township, the B-W Greenway Community Land Trust manages this wetlands that is part of the Clark County Park District.The use of Wenrick as a teaching nature preserve should take into account that it is first an area of high quality wetlands and its recreation uses are secondary.

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